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Submit program with multiple values

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Hi everyone !
I’m trying to submit a program with multiple objects. I am able to achieve a single object with this piece of code however the need is for multiple objects to be populated into the select option when the program is called.

Select from [table] Appending table [table]

where obj = wa-obj

apoend wa-obj to it_modif-obj

endselect .

submit prog

via selection-screen

with p_prog = wa-obj

and return .

I have tried several ways like using rsparams to creat the table and submitting the program with selection_table and also this way:

data: t_param type table of rsparams

s_param type rsparams

s_param-selname = ‘P_PRGNAM’.

s_param-kind = ‘P’

s_param-low = it_modif-obj.

Append s_param to t_param.

submit program

with selection-table = t_param

and return .


I have asked others and have was unable to come up with a solution .Not a real guru at this so figured why not try asking here .If anyone has any suggestions that would be much appreciated! 

Thanks ! 

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

This group is for discussions about the CodeJams and their content.  This is a very general question you have here. It should instead be posted into the Technology Q&A area.

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You got a list of values from a select.

is your report parameter actually a select-options, to allow multiple values, 

  • If not -> you have to submit the report for each value in a loop, one value at a time
  • Else, fill rsparams table with a list of  ' select-option name / 'I' / 'EQ' / value / inital ) records (like a IN range)