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Submit comand do not working in web dynpro action.

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Hi experts.

We are using submit comand inside a web dynpro action:

SUBMIT z_retorno_obs WITH s_ordem EQ ls_nd_tb_fo-ordemfrete SIGN 'I' AND RETURN.

When we execute the action clicking in screen button the bopf query  did´nt work inside the submit program.

My doubt is:

Can I use submit inside web dynpro envoirement?

I tried to pass the submit to call function but did not work .

Somebody know how to solve it?


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Answers (3)

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Hi, I have recently worked on a scenario which called a GUI transaction from webdynpro on a click event. This was done successfully, also, I could pass parameter values from webdynpro to GUI transaction.

how it was done-

Below code will give you a part of the URL which you need to call by creating an external window ( create_external_window method of if_wd_window_manager interface).

*     Get URL



            url_part            = lv_url


You will now need to concatenate below part to the above URL--

/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?sap-client=&~transaction=<GUI Transaction name>%20

Here, in above string, <GUI Transaction name> should be replaced with the exact GUI transaction name, like SP01, then it would be like below--

/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?sap-client=&~transaction=SP01%20 "(lv_url1)

Also, if you wish to pass parameters, you need to further concatenate the parameter values liek below (parameters must be separated by a semicolon)

<parameter 1>=<value1>;<parameter 2>=<value2>;<parameter 3>=<value3>;      "(lv_url2)

To execute the transaction you may further concatenate the OK CODE of the execute button-

DYNP_OKCODE=<OK code> "(lv_url3)

Hence the entire URL would form like below-


     lv_url            "String from cl_http_server class

     lv_url1          "String which contains transaction name

     lv_url2          "String of parameters

     lv_url3          "String which contains OK code



Now this lv_url must be called to create external window (new web browser window).


DATA: lr_window TYPE REF TO if_wd_window.

lr_window = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( )->get_window_manager( )->create_external_window( url            = lv_url ).

lr_window->open( ).

Let me know if this helps.

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Hey Ronaldo,

I have used submit and return successfully before in webdynpro but not exactly in onaction of button.

Instead, you can try calling it in the method of the assistance class if its not working from the button onaction method.

Also, are you getting any dump or else if the submit program is getting called correctly, then it should be an issue with your query parameters and not with the calling of submit program.

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