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Subitem Generation is not happening in Location/Product Substitution


Hi Collegue,

Currently we are facing an issue in Alternative Based Confirmation functionality of aATP, where we choose option for “Substitution Item Type”= Force Subitem Generation, aATP doesn’t work at all and even the subitem doesn’t generate.


This issue is for both substitution method such as Plant & Product Substitution.

As we are aware there is something related to below Item Category Determination, where TAPA is supposed to be Main Item and TAN is supposed to be Sub Item.



But unfortunately, it’s not working as expected, Moreover I was wondering, about the above Item Category Usage, is there is some other customization which we are missing, because we followed every steps from SAPhelp and didn’t found any setting related to Item Category Usage.

Ex:- Below is the example, where Material TG11 doesn’t have stock in plant 1090, and we have selected substitution method Force Subitem Generation. We have created the Plant Substitution as per below, if there is stock shortage in Plant 1090, it should automatically substitute to Plant 1010.



But Unfortunately nothing happens, even ATP check doesn’t occurs.




Requesting SAP Pioneers to please help and let us know, how to achieve the Product/Location Substitution with Sub Item Generation.

Referred Additional blog highlighted below:-


Note:- We are using new release system of SAP S/4 2022/2023 and it’s not working in both the systems.

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