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Sub-report positioning

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I am developing a report that has two sub-reports. One is positioned at the top of the page and the second is positioned half way down the page. The two sub-reports show the same information. When the report loads the first page is rendered correctly. First sub-report at the top of the page and the second sub-report at the middle of the page. All pages after that, the second sub-report is over top of the first report at the top of the page.

I have the two sub-reports in the same detail pane. When I add a second detail pane, I get just one sub-report per page.

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They have to be in separate sections in order to appear one over the other - it doesn't work if they're in the same section. You need to make sure that they're formatted to take up less than half of the page, bearing in mind that the page margins take up some of the page as well. I would look at the following changes that might help:

1. Unless they're required, suppress all other sections in the main document - especially page header and page footer sections. If they can't be suppressed, make sure that they have the smallest height possible.

2. Suppress any sections of the subreports that are not required.

3. Right-click on each of the subreport objects, go to "Format Subreport" and turn off "Can Grow".

4. Set the subreport size in the main report to be exactly the size you need it to be.

5. Right-click on each of the subreport objects and select "Size and Position". Make sure that the "Y" value is set to 0 so that it is at the very top of the section.

6. Pull the bottom of the section up to the bottom of the subreport so that there is no space at the bottom of the section.