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Sub Report kind of requiremnt in Webi Report as in Crysta --Urgent Help Needed

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Please help me on the below

I Have developed the report with 2 tabs . Summary Tab- All the manager Information ( The Calculations not only sub of sub ordinates/ Employees, The manager also has own business no  Manager Sales in different from  subordinate sales )

My underlying query of the report as below

Section ,Emplyeename, Manager Name,Sales

Summary, Yogi,Null,100

Summary, Rak,Null,200


Detail,YYY, yogi,40

Detail, ZZZ, rak,150

In summary tab am applying the report  level  as summary and  displaying the

Managers Performance

In Detail tab a applying the report  level  as Detail displaying the

Employee Performance( section on employee)-Manager name and his employeo e/subordinate sales

I want to display the manager actual performance (From Summary Tab) in the Detail Tab

So bascially I want to pass the Manager name  to the summary section employee name and get the sales from Summary

This Kind of scenario  we can solve using subreport in crystal, How to achieve the Same in webi

Thanks in Advance


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Hello Yogeeswar,

This can be done by using the Open doc functionalaity in Webi.

1.Please create Prompt in the sub report for Manager

2.Come to the main report right click on the Manager column and you can see linking->in that choose add document.

3.It will ask you to chose the webi doc then choose your Sub report and it will display the prompts of sun report.Now you assign Manager object to that prompt...

Now you can see the Manager values with hyperlinking on any of the value you can get the sub report for that manager only.


Naveen D