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Sub-Analysis Capabilties

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Is it possible to have a sub analysis with a different dimension than the main analysis? An obvious use case would  be the main analysis shows sales by product line and the sub  analysis can show sales by product based on the selected product line in the main analysis (focused analysis). At this point besides a graphical representation of the main analysis, I fail to see other use cases of the sub-analysis if one can't use different dimensions or drill-down states


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I just read the guides and tried to use Analysis for OLAP starting yesterday and immediately had the same question.  I wanted the crosstab to show the measures by work center.........  and my pie chart to show the order types so I could click on a work center and see pie chart for its order type.  I was surprisedyou couldn't. I have to keep both dimensions in the crosstab to do this..... which leaves a long weird label for the legend.  I am doing this in 4.1

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Hi Manish,

At this time, I do not believe that his is possible. If you believe this is be a high-value enhancement, you should consider posting this to IdeaPlace ({9AE8C74A-8E80-46B3-B375-6ED0DB92DA2B}).

As for the use-cases, I'm aware of this being used with pie-charts to navigate over time periods and see how distributions are changing. I've also seen it used to uncover trends when you have two very different units of data. For example, orders and currency. You can quickly flip between those two units with focused analysis.

It's a little difficult to explain in writing but quite powerfull to see in person. This morning, I watched a Webinar, where the feature was used on different airports and the sub-analysis highlighted flight delays in a bubble chart - quite interesting.