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Styling Total in SAC table

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Hi Friends,

Can someone please guide on how styling can be done for "Show Totals" in table in SAC? Tried with styling rules but not getting the desired output. Any change in the no of rows switches the formatting set for the Totals to the next rows. Also, same thing happens if any row level calculation is added and formatted in a certain way. The formats shift if any new row gets added. How this can be achieved and kept more dynamic?


Sayed Zubair

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Hi there,

That's a bit strange and maybe I'm missing something. I've tried applying styles manually and through formatting the Totals cell directly and by applying a Style. In both cases, the formatting stuck with the Totals cell even after adding/removing rows and columns as it should.

Can you provide a screenshot of the issue and explain the kind of formatting you are trying to accomplish?


I am experencing similar issue like katryn.cheng described in her comment from 2021. Any news or guides, how to format total rows in Table in SAC?

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Hi all,

here a similar issue. Formatting works on cell and even rowlevel, but we try to make it on 'Subtotals' level. Subtotal is not a fixed rownumber of course, depends on the break level and selection. Basic question: can we apply for instance a yellow background for each subtotalrow? .

thanks, Paul

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Hi sayedzubaird,

Please go through with this link...'s%20how%20to%20show%20totals,manager%20record%20to%20show%20totals.

I think it will be helpful for you.

Thank You.