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Style options for UI elements in FLUID of OVP FPM application

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I'm missing the style options for UI elements in the component configuration for OVP applications (FLUID editor) in the documentation.

Problem: how can I set the color of the background of radio buttons labels (color:red doesn't work, labelColor doesn't work), how to change the color of labels of UI elements (fontColor:red works, backgroundColor:red doesn't). The abap wd component WDR_TEST_CUSTOM_STYLES is supposed to provide some guidance but still not all of them work.

So is there a comprehensive lists of supported UI style attributes for each UI element usable in a OVP component configuration?

Anybody has some experience - I could only bring fontColor to work so far.

The problem that I need to solve is (while having a lot of horizontally laid out radio button groups) having a zebra pattern for each row so that the user know where each radiobutton belongs.

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Hello Ioan,

there is no such comprehensive list (other than application WDR_TEST_CUSTOM_STYLES) and the style options available is only a subset of all CSS styling attributes generally available for Web pages.

The background of the labels of radiobuttons is one of those (I'm not even sure if that's possible for simple HTML radiobuttons at all).

I assume you are using a from UIBB (GL2). In that case there is probably no solution for your issue, other than switching to a fresstyle UIBB (which is of course a lot of effort).

Best regards,


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hi Christian,

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah it is GL2. It's part of a standard SAP functionality, I don't want to reinvent the wheel . We're thinking about using tooltips to fix this. But it would have been nice to have an option for configurations of FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2 to show the grid or have a zebra grid behind the fields, as a general setting.

I'll keep this topic open  a couple of months...