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Style applied to a jsp iView

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In our jsp iView there are five dropdown buttons, which needs to be selected from left to right. So, when only first dd list box is selected then second list box will appear, and so on so forth. For this I am using jsp scriplets to extract and store the id's of the ddlist boxes which are generated dynamically. Then we are trying to use 'style' statements to 'hide' and 'visible' the ddl boxes. I am adding them after </hbj:group> closing and between </hbj:form> closing tags like here. 1844, 1845,<STYLE TYPE="text/css"> 1846,<!-- 1847,#<%= sales_off_ddl_box%> 1848,#<%= customers_ddl_box%>

#<%= sales_grp_ddl_box%> 1849,#<%= sales_district_ddl_box%>


</STYLE> 1850, 1851, <script defer language="JavaScript"> 1852,function test(){ 1853, var sales_org = document.getElementById('<%=sales_org_ddl_box%>').value; 1854, if(sales_org != "*"){ 1855, alert("Hi"); 1856, <%=sales_off_ddl_box%>.style.visibility='visible'; 1857, <%=customers_ddl_box%>.style.visibility='hidden'; 1858, <%=sales_grp_ddl_box%>.style.visibility='hidden'; 1859, <%=sales_off_ddl_box%>.style.visibility='hidden'; 1860, } 1861,} 1862,</script>

But style info. is not working.

I wonder why SAP didn't provide any 'onload()' event for the body tag. Is there a way I can make this work ?

Thank you so much for your help,

Prasad Nutalapati.

SAP America Inc.

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I found a way out.

No need to use

Hope this helps,

Prasad Nutalapati