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Stumped on a Xcelsius Compatability Question

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to find an Xcelsius compatible function to find the first non-blank cell in a column. The reason I am stumped is because I was able to write a function that worked perfectly in Excel and only uses functions supported by Xcelsius.

Can anybody help me out? Here is the function I have written:

=MATCH(TRUE(), INDEX(Data!K2:K200 <-> "", 0, 0), 0) + 1

(I added a dash between the < and > otherwise the forum ignores it)

Xcelsius gives me a %N/A when I "Preview" my dashboard.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Greg

The likely reason is that yo are trying to perform an array function within the INDEX() function (Data!K2:K200 <> "").

The best way around this is to have a simple column to check the values in column K, so maybe in column J do, =IF(K2="",1,0) and copy this down. Then your Match is a simple one, find the first 1 value down column J



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