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Stratergy for Disabling the Data Flow during Service Packs

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We have a scheduled upgrade to move to latest service packs. After the OSS Notes are applied we need to verify the system before we can accept the messages.

What is the best stratergy for us to disable the dataflow to the XI system(from external and various other systems in the landscape) during that time ?

We considered disabling inside the adapters configuration but that does not sound correct.

Please adice....


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would parameter ENTRY_LOCK of category runtime of XI Config work for you?

<i>Parameter ENTRY_LOCK


The parameter ENTRY_LOCK enables you to completely lock the inbound channel to the Integration Engine. This means that no new messages will be processed. This applies for all types of inbound channels and messages:

Messages with all types of quality of service

Normal XI request messages and acknowledgments

Messages from external Integration Engines or Adapter Engines

Messages arriving from ABAP-based adapters (IDoc, RFC in XI 2.0, plain-http)

Messages from the local Business Process Engine


The parameter is used in particular to lock the Integration Engine inbound channel as part of the XI upgrade procedure.

Possible Values

0 (Not locked) 1 (locked).</i>

to configure this parameter use sxmb_admin --> Integration Engine Configuration

Additionally you should make sure that all queues are empty before you start patching...

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Thanks Christine. This is very helpful to us.