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Strange SAPINST Problem with DB2 8.1 FP9 - sqllib dir not present in Home

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Hi at all,

I create at the moment a system copy for R3 4.7 EXT2 via redirected restore. On the target machine I install the DB2 8.1 FP9 and it runs completly without any error.

As next step I install the SAP Central Instance using Inst. Master 620/640 Patch Collection (Label: 51033746) it works alos fine. It creates all the users and user enviroment setting.

And now I want to install the DB instance. The SAPINST Parameter Input Phase runs fine, whenn I start the installation service it runs also fine up to point DB Instance creation. The it stops with the following error:

FSL-04008 Unable to access application /db2/db2e01/sqllib/adm/db2set. No such file or directory

When I look to the db2e01 users home dir it is set to /db2/db2e01 ==> normal behavior

But the sub directory sqllib is completly missing!!!

I check the keydb.xml file for the parameters, all points to the correct home and insthome.

I also checked the sapinst_dev.log again and again, but I cant find the error. All runs perfectly.

I also run a find command on OS level for checking, if an other instdir is created through SAPINST, but nothing, only the files in the DB2 installation direcotry.

Can anybody help me for this problem???

Thanks a lot for reading!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your procedure is not quite right.

You would need

- start sapinst and install central instance

- start sapinst again and install the database instance and select "backup/restore" in sapinst

and then restore the database.

What sapinst is now trying to do is to set up another database instance with the same name and is hence confused since the installation is already existing.


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Hello Markus,

thanks for your answer, you are completly right!!!

The customer gives us a "new" AIX LPAR, which is created via mksysb. The backup is taken from the source LPAR without the DB2 software, but with the reg entries of DB2.

So as we install the DB2 sw, on the target system the "old" DB instances are present (db2ilist).

During the SAPINST phase, db2icrt wants the create a new instance with the same name and it founds the old entires. So it does nothing.

I think in this case the, the db2icrt program has to be return with a RC or a warning, this will help very much. The log files of the DB instance creation also show nothing about the fact, that instance is already present.

So now the porblem is solved, after deleting the present instance from the regitry (db2idrop).

Thanks for your help.

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Good to hear it worked! Please set the thread to "resolved".


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