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Strange errors with pop up windows

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Hi folks,

I recently had my PC re-imaged. After that when ever I try to click on any link that should result in a pop-up window nothing happens. The system locks up for about 20-30 seconds and then comes back with no result.

I already checked and turned off the pop-up blocker (and oddly enough the logoff function works and other pop-up (non portal) applications work just fine). All other links work, but any link (such as the Personalize) that should result in a pop-up fails.

In some cases I get a JavaScript error that reads...

Line 176 char 1 no such interface supported

In other cases I don't get any error message at all.

One of my fellow coder's machine continues to work just fine. Pop-ups work without a problem. Our basis folks are at a loss.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jon,

have a look at this note, it is a list of symptoms and their resolution after MS patches were applied: 785308

Microsoft security patch side effects in NW

regards, Ulli

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Thank you Ulli,

That OSS note is most useful. However, it turned out that we had a much more serious issue. The image our basis group was using for our workstations is messed up. Microsoft Article 281679 or Q281679 gives a much better explanation. The short answer was that some of the IE DLLs were corrupt and need to be reinstalled.

Regards, Jon