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storing the UI element values in MDG M

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Hello SAP experts,

In MDG, M- We have to create the material number based on line of business with prefix and suffix some thing. e.g. E123456700 (E is LOB and 00 are appended in the last)

so for achieving this , we have modified the UI screen and also have the necessary custom UI fields in the UI.

1. New/ Variant radio button select

2. Give Line of business as drop down and proceed for create material.

Now , when a user is entering the data in this custom UI elements, how can we grab/store this UI elements e.g. map the UI elements to the user exit MGA00002 for MM01 transaction to derive the external material number .

In WDA, we generally use Context mapping, will context mapping work and if it works, how and to which to i context map my custom elements.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello All,

Resolved the issue.

We wanted to retrieve the INIT page field element values, so we used the class

cl_mdg_bs_mat_assist_ui=>gt_custom_url_param, to get the UIBB values.

Also this code will be called CL_MDG_BS_MAT_FEEDER_FORM_MARA class , at the before flush method.

hope this will be helpful for others.

Thank You,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Shaila,


In this you should be getting your custom UI field value entered through a std structure(On debug you will get to know). - Implicit enhancement

Other option would be to read your data model (MM) directly with custom code and get the field values one by the same above method again as an implicit enhancement..

Once you get your UIBB fields, then you can pass on to your user exit.