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Stopping too large outputs from printing immediately in background

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Does anyone know have a suggestion how to stop very large outputs from being sent to the printer by end users who send a report to background, have print immediately as their default, and have no idea what size report they have generated?  I have a customer who has this problem within finance for the transactions FBL3N, FBL1N, FBL5N and FB03. There is an authorization object S_SPO_PAGE in some transaction that can be used but it is not found in these. And they do not wish to make changes to standard SAP code in alot of transactions.

Anyone run into this and solved it somehow - maybe via print routine instead?

Thanks for helping.

Linda Lehman,

SAP Sweden

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Firstly, I would remove each users access to their defaults (so that they cannot override the next step in dealing with this issue).  Then I would make sure no-one had print immediately.

In the company that I work in we have similar problems, and we got around this by removing the ability for repeat offenders to schedule their own jobs and reuqiring them to access the spool list after it had been run via BASIS.  

I appreciate that this is not always a solution, but it is through training the users and limiting the possibility for users to 'do as they please' that you will find an acceptable solution in the environment in which you find yourself.

Good luck with negotiating this one (I know from experience that as soon as you attempt to limit people's ability to do anything in SAP someone complains extremely loudly - usually the main offender causing the problem in the first place !!!)

Kind Regards

Rosie Brent


TKA Tallent Chassis Ltd.

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Thanks Rosie!

I sort of figured it was going to be something like that.  SAP advised maybe looking into what Note 119147 had to offer on device authorizations but I believe the problem stems from them having print immediately as default in their profiles as well as local printer.

I have sent your suggestion on and will see if they are prepared to make the sacrifice.


Linda Lehman

SAP Consulting, Sweden