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Stopping propagation of calendar's tapOnDate event over button press event.

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Hi guys,

I am desperately trying to find a solution over this issue, but unable to solve it. I have created this project with target device=mobile.

I am able to place a sap.m.Button over a's day, on calendar's tapOnDate event, i am performing one function "tapDay", and on button's tap event, i am performing another function "pressButton". But now, on tapping on the button, after the press gets executed, even the calendar's tapOnDate event gets executed. This is happening in both tablet as well as desktop.

I tried to use stopPropagation() like this:

tapDay: function(){

     alert("calendar  day tapped");


pressButton: function(oEvent)



     alert("button pressed");


But i get following error: Object [object Object] has no method 'stopPropagation'

Is there any way we can stop the propagation of parent's event to child event?

Thanks & Regards,

Naresh Mallya

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is not such method called stop Propagation for the event.

Check this.

JsDoc Report - SAP UI development Toolkit for HTML5 - API Reference - sap.ui.base.Event

May be you need to use a different method.






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Hello Krishna,

I tried to use oEvent.cancelBubble() and oEvent.preventDefault() in tapOnDate event as well as with press event. Its not working. Although it seems cancelBubble() may just be the one solution for my issue, but it seems to not work.


Naresh Mallya

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Hi Naresh,

I would try with destroy method of event.

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