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Stopping a PAR file

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I am new to portal.

I have deployed a webservice as a PAR file in portal.Can I stop the functionality of the PAR file from portal without undeploying that.

Is there any option to stop and start the PAR in portal?

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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Thankining you all for your answer.i got the solution.

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Please try these :

1. Choose System Administration ® System Configuration ® Service Configuration.

2. Choose Portal Catalog ® Browse.

3. In folder Applications navigate to the application containing the portal service.

4. Click with the secondary mouse button and choose Administrate.

Status information for the application is displayed. You also see a list of the available services of the application and the corresponding status (started/stopped).

5. Click on the required action to start or stop the service.

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This can also be done from Visual admin. Login to Visual admin. Go to cluster node. Then to Services -> Deploy. The screen appears for Deploy appears on the right. Click on Applications radio button at the bottom. Then select your application from the list. It may be starting like

Choose the application and then click on 'Stop Application' button. This will do the work. But when server is restarted, the application starts automatically.


Harini S

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Hi Manisha,

depending on what kind of PAR file your webservice is, you should be able to stop it via Systemadministration -> System configuration -> Service configuration -> Applications. Look for your application there and right click on it. Click on Administrate and click on Stop.

Hope this helps,