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Stop Transaction on SAP Portal

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When I access a Transactional iView from Portal, it does not show the icon on the top left most corner like in ECC, which will display the below Menu ,when expanded.







Create Session

Stop Transaction

This icon and menu comes up (as stated above) when the transaction is accessed from backend (SAP). Can I get this same functionality on the Portal or how can I accomplish Stop Transaction at least. On the portal when you execute a transaction you loose the cursor and can't enter a transaction to kill the session. In SAP you have HOT KEYS is there on for that menu?

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Hi James

Regarding the issue, can you provide a screenshot of a working(From Backend) and a non working(From Portal) scenario.

Further refer to the below points :

- If the issue is specific to IE 11, then refer the KBA # 2398889 - Internet Explorer support for Enterprise Portal

- Perform the test given in the cause section of the KBA # 2424773 - Display and Rendering issue in IE 11 in Portal

and check the behavior.


Santarshi Samanta