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Stop Java Application in NWDS or NWA

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Can someone provide the directions/settings to stop an application using NWDS or NWA? When I go to stop our application either using NWDS or NWA, the application stops as expected. But when I access the application, it is still up. When I go back to the tool, is shows as started. We would like the application to remain stopped until we decide to start. Is there a setting or steps that I am missing?

Steps to recreate:


Go to Repository Explorer view

Right click and stop the application


Configuration --> Infrastructure --> Applicaiton Resources --> More Actions --> Start Applications

Filter to my application

Stop Application


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Hi Heather,

You can stop java applications by navigating...

Go to Operations Management --> System --> click the Start & Stop link.

The Start & Stop: Java EE Applications window opens.

Click the Java EE Application tab and select the relevant application in The Application List.

The Portal Services pane displays the services associated with the selected application.

Use the buttons Start or Stop.

You can also do this via telnet.

Manage java applications using telnet - SAP Netweaver Application Server Java - SCN Wiki=



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Thanks Prithviraj.

I followed your steps, but after I click Stop, the application remains up. I am able to access the application and when I go back into the Start & Stop screen, it shows as Started.  I would expect the application would not be available, and that it would remain stopped until I started it again. Have you seen this before?

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Hi Heather,

Did you try stopping the application using Telnet?

Also, please check defaulttrace.log to see if any error is reported.