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Hi All,

I need to develop a report to assess material commodities under their scope with respect to stock policy settings.


Report will be used to analytically assess and provide decision making data to enable adjustments of SAP stock policy settings that would generate optimum settings for; MINIMUM STOCK, SAFETY STOCK, REORDER POINTS, ETC. Report will first be used for an initial review of current settings and then to be run on a monthly basis for on-going analysis and maintenance of optimum settings.

<u>Required Column Layout for Report:</u>



Plant-Specific Material Status

MRP Controller

Purchasing Group

Material Group

MRP Group

Procurement Type

Special Procurement

Base Unit of Measure

Planned Delivery Time

Moving Price

Standard Price

Price Unit

Safety Stock

Safety Time IND

Safety Time /ACT COV

Lot Size

Minimum Lot Size

MRP Type

Reorder Point

Rounding Value

<b>Total Plant Stock</b> – total plant stock in storage locations including stock in project elements and blocked stock.

<b>Monthly demand</b> - current and forward demand displayed in monthly columns, 12 columns for first 12 months demand and then remainder in column 13

<b>Monthly Usage</b> – historic monthly usage displayed in monthly columns, 12 columns for first 12 months usage and then remainder in column 13


1. Can BW’s Inventory management scenarios handle this or will it be easier to do it via ABAP?

2. If BW can, how do I go about it? Really don’t know where to start so any assistance would be well appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi milind,

i guess u can use inventory business content existing in sap.

give ur mail i,d i will send some documents relating to this



assigning points is the way of saying thanks in sdn

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Hi Ravi,

My email is



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hi Milind,

i had sent the mail. check it out and let me know



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks Guys. Will go through all the info and come back to hassle you if I get stuck.



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Dear Milind

BW Inventory Management should be ok in your scenario.You have 3 data sources for the inventory management with which you can manage your report.

2LIS_03_BX - Stock Initialization

2LIS_03_BF - Logistics-Goods Movements

2LIS_03_UM - Logistics -Stock Revaluations

Follow the following steps:

1.Activate the NDI flag in table TBE11.Get in to transaction BF11 and set the application indicator BW to active.

2.Activate the 0PROCESSKEY in R/3 - SBIW - Settings for application specific DS - Logistics - Settings:Inventory controlling - Determine industry sector - execute - select "STANDARD".

3.Run the stock initialization first

4.Fill up the setup tables for Inventory contolling(all stocks.Schedule the info package for BX with update mode set to "Generate Initial status".

5.Extraction process for BF and UM are similar to LOs'.

6.After extraction first compress BX with outmarker update and BF with marker update

Please observe that we can not block documents under inventory management hence carry out the activities during down time.

Hope this hepls you.



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