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Stock Adjustment Approval workflow in MIGO

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Hello Experts,

I need to create a approval workflow for stock movements made ( for receipts without PO mov type 501, 503, 505, withdrawal for scrap from stock 551,553,555) in MIGO.

1.There should be a workflow mail triggered to the mail box of the person responsible for approval.

2.For negative stock postings, i need to have them blocked until approval.

can you please tell me which is the best way to achieve this functionality?

Is it advisable to have a two step process, like moving the stock to a different stock stype and then moving it to required stock type after approval?

Is there a one step process possible?


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Hello ManiRaj !

As per your following statement,

2.For negative stock postings, i need to have them blocked until approval.


you mean to state that workflow should not trigger when stock movement document is saved with negative stock postings ?

If so, create a check function module and prevent triggering for the same.Alternatively, you can create virtual attribute or database attribute for finding negative postings in stock movement document and same can be incorporated as start condition in workflow.



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Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the reply.

If a negative posting happens, I need to have them blocked (so that the quantity of stock waiting for approval cannot be used for any other purpose) till the approval happens. Between the time of posting and the approval, the stock should not be available for consumption.