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STMS - SAP System - Check - Transport tool ==> hangs hangs hangs ...

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Dear colleagues,

I do have 3 sytems in my ECC landscape :

1. D11 - which is the domain controler

2. Q11 - which has been installed 2 weeks ago.

3. P11 - productive system.

D11 and P11 were the only 2 systems in my ECC landscape.

We have installed 2 weeks ago Q11.

STMS problem :

1. From D11 and P11, when I start : STMS - SAP System - Check - Transport Tools, it works.

2. From Q11, when I check also the Transport tool, il hangs ... hangs ... hangs. I do not get back the cursor.



1. STMS - SAP System - Check - Connection Test ==> It works

2. STMS - SAP System - Check - Transport Directory ==> I see them, it works

3. STMS - SAP System - Check - Transport Tools ==> it hangs ... hangs. I do not reach them.

On network level, from Q11, I can reach the transport domain (

It only fails to connect to Transport Tool (3 rd check of the SAP check).

Any idea are very welcome !

Best regards


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Answers (2)

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Dear SAP colleagues,

There were an error in RZ10.

SAPTRANSHOST parameter instance were not linked to the domain controler.

We can close this message.

Best regards


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In which step does it fail in the transport tool test:

tp Interface

Host Name


Transport Directory


Transport Profile




RFC Destination


tp Path

tp Executable

RFC Ping

tp Call

RFC Link

tp Version

DB Connect

Offline Call

and what message do you get?

Is their anything logged in the system log from this time, if so check the corresponding work process trace file and the trans.log



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Hello Paul,

Thanks for your input.

1. STMS - Overview - Systems - SAP System.

2. I select Q11 system

3. SAP System - Check - Transport Tool

Since here, I do not reach the next screen. It hangs ... hangs ... hangs.

From Q11, it seens that it cannot reach

This is strange, because when I am loggued on serverQ11, I type
serverD11\sapmnt\trans\bin and I reach it ...

There is no error in process log.

Best regards


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Could you please make sure that you will enter the ip address and hostname in drivers then etc --> hosts of Q11 in D11 system. Also other way means ip address and hostname of D11 in Q11 system ? After that try.