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Steps to connect a CRM system with MDM

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Hi everybody,

I've got a problem here : I should build a connection between a CRM system and MDM (get the data in several tables in the CRM system, normalize them in MDM and then put them back in the CRM).

What would the steps I've got to do to achieve that ? Do I need XI between the two systems ? Do I have to map the tables before sending them in MDM (and how could I do that ?)

Thank you for all the help you can give me


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Hi Seb,

With the assumption that you are using available customer master repository in MDM, you need to create ports to receive and send data and save data map in MDM console. You should have XI between MDM and CRM. You need to do lot of configurations in XI. There are very good blogs in SDN explaining each step. Please go through them.