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Steps required to configure a scenario?

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what are the steps required to configure a scenario?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi ruchika,

there r 2 ways u can configure ur Directory objetcs..

1<b>)manually creating the objects</b>

<b>2)using wizard.</b>


1)create a scenario from create object option in ID.

2)Assign business system to ur scenario../ or u can create Business Service depending upon ur requirement.

3)create communication channels(sender and receiver)

4)configure ur communication channel by selecting the necessary adapter.

5)create Receiver Determination

6)create Interface Determination

7)create Sender agrrement

8)create Receiver agrrement

<b>using Wizard:</b>

u have to create <b>integration scenario</b> in IR and then u can create ur objects in ID using the wizard...go to TOOL->create integartion scenario using wizard.

see here ..for more details...



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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For configuration :

Steps are :

1. Receiver determination

2. Interface determination.

3. Sender agreement

4. Receiver agreement.

Prior to this you need to create communication channels under business service or business systems..


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hi ruchitha,

Configuration in Design time - Integration Repository


1. Data Types

2. Message types

3. Message Interfaces

1. Message mapping

2. Interface mapping

Configuration in Configuration time - Integration Directory


1 required communication channels

2 Sender agreement

3 Receiver agreement

4 Receiver determination

5 Interface determination

refer these for more help




Ramesh P