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Steps from LIS to LO Urgent

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hi all BW Gurus,

Can anyone tell what r the steps from LIS to LO in Detail with T-Code.Thank you



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Changing Over from LIS to LO Cockpit

The new InfoSources are constructed in such a way as to allow you to change over from the LIS Info structures S260 to S264 to the new DataSources without losing any data, or having to set up any of the data.

The following section describes the steps needed to follow to change over from the old DataSources to the new DataSources:

1. Make sure that all updates for the new extract structures are deactivated (LBWE). If updates have already been activated by mistake, use the job control in all three applications to start a one-off collective posting run, after deactivation of the updates.

2. Transfer the new Business Content DataSources into the OLTP:

The system generates the active versions of the DataSources. Replicate the DataSources, in the BW system for the corresponding source system.

3. Transfer the new Business Content objects into BW:

Choose, in particular, the new InfoSources, the transfer rules, and the new update rules.

4. For all user-defined update rules in user-defined cubes that are based on the LIS structures S260 to S264, create the corresponding update rules for the new InfoSources. Update rules based on the “new” Info structures are provided with the cubes that are delivered by SAP as Business Content. Need to adjust these update rules, if modified the delivered update rules based on S260 and S264.

5. Make sure that all users authorized to make changes to SD documents are logged off the system.

6. Use transaction LBW1 to deactivate the update for the LIS transfer-Info structures S260 to S264.

7. Activate the update for the new extract structures in the Logistics Extract Structures Customizing Cockpit.

8. Once the update for the new extract structures is active, one is able to resume processing documents without any restrictions.

9. Transfer the last delta records that have accumulated for the old DataSources into BW.

10. Delete all the InfoPackages in the old InfoSources.

11. Delete any data records that are still in the set up tables of the new extract structures.

12. Start the InfoPackages with the Delta initialization update mode for each of the new InfoSources.

It is also possible to start the InfoPackages by setting the Initialization without Data Transfer switch.

13. It is only at this point that you are able to start the collective postings.