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Status overview-OSA-POWL

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Hi Folks,

In Appraisal we have a requirement where we have to view the Appraisal documents under MSS under Status overview .

Currently we can see all the appraisals with different status under Status overview under MSS ,We just want to restrict the completed appraisal forms here.

Could any one please let us know whether this can be done by customizing the POWL Query type and class-CL_HRHAP00_STARTPG_POWL .



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As per my understanding your requirement is to display all the apprisal documents in the POWL table except the document having status Completed.

If this is the requirement then I think this can be achieved by enhancing the BADI bening used for this purpose as I do not have access to SAP server so I am not able to check and tell you the name of the BADI.

You can find the list of BADI`s used for apprisal from PHAP_ADMIN transaction.



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Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for the response. Yes, my requirement is same as u said. We can also restrict this at powl -feeder class level also.

Could you please let me know which Badi can be used for this.



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>Could you please let me know which Badi can be used for this.

it's certain a good question, because the answer is pretty much none...

The BAdI HRHAP00_GET_LIST_FLT can be used to filter the list - but unfortunately it will filter all requests for lists of appraisals - which I don't think you want to do - only in this specific case. It has a filter value, but the call to the BAdI doesn't allow you to pass this filter! (poor effort SAP - there seems to be a need for some extensibility architect overview in recent HR code releases - explicit enhancement in the move from WDJ and BSP into WDA has in some cases been, in my opinion, poorly thought out and executed. Thank goodness for the implicit enhancement framework!)

I would suggest - for the simplest implementation that you enhance the feeder class to set a static attribute of the BAdI implementation when the feeder is called - enhance method get_objects

add in at the start of the method something like:

IF i_applid EQ 'OSA-POWL-MSS' .
zcl_hr_hap_mss_filter=>set_mss_usage( abap_true ).

and then in your BAdI implementation

data: l_use_mss_filter type boole_d.

l_use_mss_filter = zcl_hr_hap_mss_filter=>get_mss_usage( ).

if l_use_mss_filter = abap_true.
*remove all non required entries.

Hope that helps,