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Status and Tracking: Lock Function overide due to status change?

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Hello experts,

Does anybody know whether it is standard functionality that a user with only R_STS_PT authorisation can unlock his/her planning by changing the status to "in process"?

Should it not be the case that I higher hierarchy node or someone with R_STS_SUP authorisation must first unlock the plannig before for somone with only R_STS_PT authorasation can perform any status change? I am currently unsure whether what we are observing is a feature or a bug which we had previously not noticed.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi William,

Persons responsible for executing the planning process i.e. the User (Auth: R_STS_PT) are assigned to an area of responsibility (hierarchy node) within a subplan. They are either assigned to their own area of responsibility directly or are assigned as a substitute. The person responsible uses the STS, firstly to jump to his or her planning application, secondly to set the status of his or her own planning, and thirdly to monitor and set the status of any people who may be assigned under them.

For example, the person responsible for node 11 of the subplan u201Ccost center planningu201C logs on to planning session 1 in the STS. In this way he or she can obtain the detailed view for his or her cost center.

Auth: R_STS_SUP is for Planning Coordinators for monitoring the entire planning process and thus have special access rights. So R_STS_PT & R_STS_SUP are the same, except that you are only allowed to set certain statuses of a task on the basis of the hierarchy levelto which you are assigned (this means, whether you are executing (R_STS_PT) or supervising a particular planning task (R_STS_SUP))


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Hello William

Can you provide some links or information related to STS with IP??...

Thankyou in advance...