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Status and Tracking and Variables

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My planning package uses a BPS variable for characteristic "0VERSION" which allows users to select which version to plan on, they can select an appropriate value from a drop down box (variable selector) on the web interface.

In STS, the way the client would like the workflow to work is to have a new planning session for each version, that means each planning session will have a different version characteristic value defined in Header Characters for Planning Session.

My question is - Is it possible to populate a BPS Variable (used in planning packages) with the value that was defined in the header characteristics in the planning session in STS?

If not, how else can you have the STS workflow for each version?

Another way of looking at my problem is -

The client can have up to 40 different versions, hence the requirement.

Would appreciate any feedback on this issue

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello, yes this is possible.

You should be able to use the same variable (of type user exit) to refer to a custom table that has the current version populated.

So for example create variable Cur_Version with a user exit that looks up table Z_BPS_Version, which has been populated with the correct version by the BPS administrator.

I think this should address your requirement if I understand your question correctly.

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