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Statistics for SM50

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a look into transaction SM50 shows all running workprocesses at the moment. You can see for example10 running DIA's and 2 running BTC's.

But how to research the maximum number of running DIA's at the same time for a whole day, week or month?

With this information I want to be able to forecast if the number of configured DIA's will be enough for a greater system load in the near future.

For example: 10.000 outbound deliveries processed by 20 SAP-users need a maximum of X DIA's in my EWM-System. I want to prove if the double system load (20.000 delieveries, 40 SAP-users) needs the double maximum DIA's. I want to research the value of X in the running system for a day.

Thanks for any hints.,


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Answers (3)

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You dont need to research sm50 i particular to get the tuning done in your system,,ST03n,ST02 values are more suitable for these,

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Hello Werner,

There are 2 ways to do this in your SAP system itself.

One is to schedule Central Performance History report via tcode RZ23n. You need to specify the correect CCMS MTE for Dialog Utilization. Chcek this link -

Another quick way is to schedule report from tcode /n/sdf/mon

This would give you option of certain KPIs to select and run the report based on your granularity. Check it out.



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Hello Samik,

thank you for your suggestions. Meanwhile new Infos lead me to use transaction SM51, menu Springen-> Server-> Informationen-> QueueInfo. Your hints will be used if SM51 is not adequate.

Regards, Werner

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Hi Werner,

SM50 shows all the available work process including those in waiting status. SM66 shows only running work process by default,  if you select 'Wait' option from the menu Process List --> Select Process, it will show all the available work processes in the system (of all app servers).

The profile parameter rdisp/wp_no_dia defines the number of DIA work processes in the server.

Thanks & Regards,