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Starts database by installation

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I try to install SAP Test Drive with MaxDB on Linux.

Now I install SAP-Server and must start the database.

I work with "dbmcli" and see the existent database N4S. I need a user_login to start the database. I don't know a user_login for the database "N4S".

Do a default_user exist ?

How can I get the name and the password from the default_user ?

Can I start the database without a user_login ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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login as ns4adm


dbmcli -U c db_online


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I installed SAP on a other system.

many thanks Jens

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Hi ..

for all they have the same problem ..

based on:

Thank you, for the good dokumentation!

The install script also encountered trouble when creating the default users in the maxdb database. The users are set up in a kind of quick look-up record known as an 'xuser' which is manipulated using a program of the same name in the sapdb/programs/bin directory. There are 4 lines in which are intended to create these user records but which fail (probably due to bash incompatibilities). Issue the command "grep xuser" to find the four lines and then manually execute the commands in quotes. This sets up the four required xuser records which are "c", "c_J2EE", DEFAULT and "w". This problem manifests itself with an unhelpful log entry on startup compaining that xuser "c" cannot be found.

Execute this 4 commands in the quotes and then logon with:

- dbmcli -U c info state


- dbmcli -d N4S -u

enter user: control

enter password: sapn4sadm (standard sap password for the testsystem)

Have a nice day ..

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Hello helpers,

many thanks for you.

The query "dbmcli inst_enum" got following: /sapdb/N4S/db.

The query "dbmcli db_enum":

TST /sapdb/N4S/db fast running

TST /sapdb/N4S/db slow offline

N4S /sapdb/N4S/db fast offline

N4S /sapdb/N4S/db slow offline

The query "xinstinfo N4S":

IndepData : /sapdb/data

IndepPrograms : /sapdb/programs

InstallationPath : /sapdb/N4S/db

Kernelversion : KERNEL 7.6.00 BUILD 018-123-119-055

Rundirectory : /sapdb/data/wrk/N4S

The tries to connect with different user got no success.

The command "xuser list" shows me a entry for user dbm for database TST.

I tried to add XUSER-Entry for user dbm for database N4S. For "nodename" I got "unspecified". A connect to database N4s is impossible.

I specified follwing users during installation: n4sadm, sdb, sqdn4s.

I hope for you Jens.

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I did so and I received follwing error:

Error! XUser not found!

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Hi Jens,

XUSER data not set up? I assumed that this would have been done by the SAP installation routine.

Anyhow, as a DBM user try "control" with password "control".

Does this work for your db?

KR Lars

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Hello Jens,

-> What is the version of the database?

Please update with output of the following commands::

dbmcli inst_enum

dbmcli db_enum

xinstinfo N4S

-> "I try to install SAP Test Drive with MaxDB on Linux.

Now I install SAP-Server and must start the database."

The Xuser entries are OS user dependent. And during the SAP system installation created on the application server. You could run 'xuser list' with OS user user to see if you have created xuser entries for OS user on the application server.

And if you didn't save the logon data with the XUSER database program on the database server for the ns4adm user => you could not use 'dbmcli -U c db_state' command.

What users/passwords did you specify during MaxDB installation?

-> Please see SAP MaxDB Library 7.6 at section "User" in Glossary::

< Go at:

a) Concepts of the Database System, Users, Authentication and Authorizations

for more information and this section will link you to::

"change the passwords of standard users.", "special operating system users and groups ",


b) see more details about Logging on to the Database Manager command "user_logon"at

< SAP MaxDB Library 7.6 at section "user_logon" in Glossary>>

Please check first, if you are able to connect to the database with default users/passwords:

logon to the database server with the user in the sdba group < "special operating system users and groups" >;

Run following commands:

dbmcli -d N4S -u control,control db_state

dbmcli -d N4S -u dbm,dbm db_state

dbmcli -d N4S -u dba,dba db_state

dbmcli -d N4S -u dbadmin,secret db_state

dbmcli -d N4S -u superdba,admin db_state

Thank you & best regards, Natalia Khlopina