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Starting and shutting down Appliance from AWS console

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we recently activated ABAP Platform 1909 Appliance on AWS resulting in two instances, Windows Frontend and ABAP Server. 

I was wondering if there were any contraindications to starting and shutting down the Appliance instances directly from the AWS console instead of from SAP CAL. During the installation, an instance for Windows Frontend was also activated since we could not uncheck the corresponding item; we almost never use it, so, when the appliance is up and running, for cost reasons we sometimes shut down it directly from AWS.

This doesn't seem to cause any problems so far.

What about ABAP server ? Can we do the same from AWS ?

Thank you in advance for any contribution.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear Customer,

It is not recommended, because VM management via Cloud Provider Console will result in inconsistent state of SAP Cloud Appliance Library appliance.

Best regards,