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Start shadow instance during EHP4

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Hi All!

Do you have this situation??

We are running EHP4 installation on our ECC 6.0 and got error on phase ACT_UPG. We found on shadow instance (that EHP4 created) the error: TSP_PAGE_ALLOC. The ipc 40 parameter was too short.

After we changed this parameter, we try to stop/start shadow instance but how can we do this????? We found scripts startsap_shd and stopsap_shd on EHP4/bin directory, but if we run this command, only the central instance is stoppped (shadow instance keeps online).

We also run stopsap script (from exe directory) but nothing happens...

Could you help us??

Ps.: I also open an OSS to try to solve this problem. The installation is stopped.

Many tks !!

Daniea Godoi

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Product and Topic Expert
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You will find the scripts in EHPI/abap/bin (EHP4 30 used)

-rwxr-xr-x 1 sidadm sapsys 80501 Apr 16 13:02 stopsap_shd

-rwxr-xr-x 1 sidadm sapsys 80503 Apr 16 13:02 startsap_shd

Also refer to SAP Note 525677 - Problems when starting shadow instance.



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