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start routine

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Hai BW gurus,

i faced this problem in writing a start routine.

I have to caculate "transportation units' for that 'Route' is the key.

for calculating the same i added two info objects Z9ATSHIP & Z9APSHIP and entered there value into a defined dimension 'QTY'. Then i need to get the Base UoM from the 0MATERIAL Master data (0BASE_UOM) and convert QTY to the BaseUom (QTYBOM).

there lies the problem, for the last two steps i dont know what to do?

there is another info object callled 0MAT_UNIT which contains all the denominators and numerators for conversion.

pls help me with this.

note i am a novice in this feild so pls explain the solution with an example

thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Obily,

You can read the 0MATERIAL master data to get 0BASE_UOM using RSAU_READ_MASTER_DATA function module:

DATA : l_s_0material LIKE /bi0/mmaterial,

l_chavl TYPE rschavl,


l_t_dep type rrsv_t_dep,

l_s_dep type rrsv_s_dep.

l_chavl = COMM_STRUCTURE-material. (or data_package-material in your stard routine)



i_iobjnm = '0MATERIAL'

i_chavl = l_chavl


e_structure = l_s_0material


read_error = 1

no_such_attribute = 2

wrong_import_parameters = 3

chavl_not_found = 4


  • Then acces l_s_0material-0base_uom to convert currency using some standard currency coversion function module. I dont have acces to SAP system know, you can check for some at tcode se37.

Hope this helps,



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