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Start Routine in Transformation

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Hi Friends,

I have wrong data in first level DSO and it passed to till cube and report showing wrong data.

This i can solve by using selective deletion in all layers, but i want to do through routine in transformation for permanent solution.

Wrong data is: Few plants having wrong currency, now i want to delete it, so how can we achieve this?

Thank you.



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routine will slow down abit in performance.
did you think it to achieve by filtering out the currency which you dont want.
Delete and reload by filtering the data in DSO and then to cube. (my understanding may be wrong as I am not getting exactly where the issue is)

As you said :Wrong data is: Few plants having wrong currency, now i want to delete it,

Do you mean the wrong currency is coming from the source.please check datasource PSA and then R3.Verify once. If the wrong currency is on BW side and you want to replace the currency with the correct ones then its different work around. Is it local currency or document currency or which one?

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Thank you Aparajit,

Actually we had wrong data in source system it self, but we can't change this data so finally we decide to delete wrong data in BW itself, and currency is Local currency only.

Ex: In my first level DSO having below data, which is wrong and the same data is available till cube.

Plant     currency     KF-1     KF-2     KF-3

1220      EUR           20           40           59

if I write code (Self loop in first level DSO) need to be zero for all keyfigure values.



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You are thinking right.
Self loop will suit your requirement. Copy the same transormation and create a self loop.
when done run the dtp for the same and all values will be negated.

So if the final aim is to load correct data then you will have to corrct each
data record at PSA level and then load again to DSO and targets after running self loop.

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If you delete the records or make 0 the KF, the report is correct?, the total amount is the right one?

If you can delete the amount, then

Other approach instead of routine is to create a FORMULA in transformation...  In Currency object create an IF condition based in PLANT.


Ps. You can also do a conversion from Local Currency to other currency in DSO-Cube Transformation IF it is the case.