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start auto id from specific number

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Hi people!

How can I resolve this,

I have 1000 records, but the numeration starts in 100,000.

For example the first record is the 100,001 and the last is the 101,000.

Actually this ID is generated in MM automatically, but now when you want to create a record, it will be created from MDM and then send the important data to MM.

So I have to import the records, and then start the auto id, from 101,000. How can i solve this?


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I saved this reply in my fav.

get remote keys for your records created in data manager. For that you must have key mapping field as Yes in console.In console, in the remote systems, you must have key generation set to either range or qualified range.If you want that your key generated should be based on some criteria say you have three account groups as A, B and C. You want that the key generated for records having group A should be ranging from 1 to 100, similarly for B from 101 to 200 and for C from 201 to 300. Then you should select key generation as qualified range and your lookup field should be your account group table. In qualified range field, you have to specify the ranges you want in front of the account groups.

If you want your keys should be generated in a range with no other constraints then you should choose key generation as range and specify the range.

If key generation is none then no keys will be generated for that particular remote system.

Do the same for all the remote systems to which you want to syndicate the records.Then map the remote key fields on source and destination side in syndicator. You can see the generated keys in data manager by right clicking on record and then choosing edit key mapping.

Remeber that you can see the key mapping only after syndicating the records once.Before syndication you can't see the keys even in syndication preview.

Hope this will help,

Will appreciate if you will be able to update on result,

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