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Standard Cubes in BW on HANA & In memory usage

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I have a question regarding Cubes in BW on HANA and memory related to the cube contents.

When we create any standard cube in BW on HANA it creates HANA optimized In memory cube.  That means all the data is stored In-Memory.

Now lets consider the scenario where we have BW on HANA and the production system has 2 TB of memory usage.

I want to make system copy of Production to Sandbox with oly 512 GB memory.

In this case is it not possible to take a system copy ?

Is there any way to set these cubes as Standard cubes but not storing data In-Memory, but storing data on SSD?



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HI Sagar,

the storage requirements for Infoobjects on Non-HANA systems can't be transferred 1:1 to what these IOs will require on HANA (due to compression & changed physical storage layout).

To determine the storage requirements based on your source system, please use the sizing report from sap note #1736976 - Sizing Report for BW on HANA

Usally your 2TB system should easily fit in a 512 GB HANA system.

And NO! is the reply to your first question: once you're on HANA you can't create standard-IOs if there  exist a HANA optimized version for it.

However, initially no existing objects will be converted. This has to be triggered manually.

But independent of the physical data layout (and "HANA optimized" is just about that) - ALL data you use with HANA is in memory. So in reality you can't decide to have some objects in memory and others not.

Cheers, Lars