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standaloneapp.xml not found

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I'm trying to create JMS factories and destinations using Visual Administrator.

I created 2 queues and 1 topic using JMS Provider service. I read that these need to be registered through the JMS Connector service.

I tried to create a factory and everytime, i get an error message window saying deployment failed and the reason is "unable to parse the standaloneapp.xml" which is caused by "filenotfound exception: standaloneapp.xml"

the file it claims is supposed to be at


can somebody help me on this or point me to some article that could help. any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: im totally new to SAP WebAS...:)



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JMS facotries are defined in a file named jms-factories.xml and JMS destinations are defined in a file named jms-destinations.xml

The file name is the reason for deployment failure. It is extracted to the file system not as a deacriptor file.

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thanks rally,

i had figured out the answer too.