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standalone programs (BD10 BD11) idoc

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hi consultant,

do v need to execute BD10 in sender system and BD11 in receiver system to distribute the material master data or any one of them is enough to distribute the data.

I mean to say with the single standalone program (BD10 send material) in the sender system can't we send data to rceiving system.


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you can use only BD10 to send the materials to the other system, provided inbound processing for the dependent data is set such that thearriving IDocs are posted directly in the target system.

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hi krishna mohan,

thanx for the esponse.... but im unable to understand the concept.. when i tried in my pc from client to client with the single (BD10) standalone program, data was transfered to other system.. i heared that in real time we have to execute both BD10 & BD11 to distribute the data, is it so....

kindly explain me in detail if possible with the real time scenario.