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SSO using sap logon ticket (Lotus Domino)

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Hi all,

We are facing a problem while using SSO via SAP Logon ticket.

We are presently at the following patch levels:

Portal: SP2 Patch 29 (

CM & Collaboration: SP2 Patch 5 (

SAP J2EE patch level 29

on Solaris 8

The Domino Server is 6.5 on Windows 2003

We have placed the following files as mentioned in the help.

ds_ticket.dll version ,

sapsecu.dll version,

wpsso_v3.dll version 6200.1321.0.0

and verify.pse

We made the following settings in the notes.ini in the Domino server



as well as setting the DSAPI dll path

The Iview was created using App Integrator template with the following


Authentication Scheme : default

Code link :

HTTP request method : POST

URL template fraction for Single Sign-On (SSO2) :


When we access this Iview after logon to EP the following messages are

shown on the Domino console. These messages are visible in the Domino

console approximately a minute after accessing the IView.

              • console messages start ******

Current AuthData: User = ,InCache = 0, PreAuth = 0, Flags = 3F

SSO Ticket found, 592 bytes

Found sap_user = P00100547

DSAPI Filter authenticated as CN=Kevin Hill/O=AsianPaints

              • console messages end ******

However the Iview still show the login page for Domino.

After approximately 2 to 3 minutes a 'right click and refresh' on the

Iview logs the user in.

Has anybody had any success with this method or observed the same problems ?



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Answers (1)

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Hi Kevin,

I believe you need ds_ticket.dll version 2.1.1 when running the Domino server on Windows 2003 Server.

Contact me directly per mail ( and I will send you the updated file.


Jonas Daugaard

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Hi Jonas

Could you sent the latest version of ds_ticket.dll file to me.


Jumnong Boonma