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SSO proxy configuration

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In our production environment, we need the Crystal server to act as a proxy for the report viewer. Instead of end-to-end SSO, it would be SSO between the client and Crystal, with Crystal accessing the database on behalf of the client using its Crystal machine ID. The SSO/IIS documentation doesn't identify how to do proxy configuration, so we are not able to make it work yet. Please provide some proxy configuration documentation or help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I'm not sure I understand the question. There is no configurable way to use say a Microsoft computer account for SSO. If you want SSO then someone always has to logon somewhere.

In a typical scenario the user logs into their workstation. Then they open a browser to access a URL. The URL 401's the user (behind the scenes) and the browser negotiates with the webserver (if all rules are met then it authenticates the users ticket). Further configuration can be made to send this ticket on to the reporting database.

In your example what credentials are we SSOing? AD? LDAP? other? And to what application/program?



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