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SSO Portal to BO inside PortalComponent

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I use Portal to BO Integration for accessing Reports through iViews. We operate SSO from Portal to BO, works fine.

I successfully use BO SDK to logon to CMC in a PortalComponent like this:

IEnterpriseSession enterpriseSession = sm.logon("TB6~800/KAMM", "welcome", "twdf1567:6400", "secSAPR3");

My question:

The User TB6~800/KAMM is allready loged on to Portal and may call Reports from BO with SSO.

Is there a way to use this Portal to BO sso for fetching an enterpriseSession inside PortalComponent - Coding ?

Tnx for any tips


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Johannes,

Could you please help to display BO reports in Portal.

please look into thread crated for the same.

Link: [/thread/1532284 [original link is broken];

Best Regards,

Pankaj Sharma

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