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SSO configuration from multiple EP with One R3 System

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I am planning to do SSO configuration from multiple Ep Systems(EPDev,EPProd) with same there any configuration steps different from doing w.r.t doing single EP with single R3.

following are the steps i am following


Configuration of EP with R/3

To connect to R/3 with EP The following information is needed from the Customer:

R/3 System Information

1.R3-SID 2. Target Client

Portal System Information

1 . Portal URL

There are 2 main steps to configure the EP with R/3 System.

1.Apply Portal Certificate to R3

2.Create System Connection(R3 System Configuration) at Portal Level.

Step1:Apply Portal Certificate to R3

 Insert or adapt profile parameters in the instance profile of the R3 instance. For this you can go Transaction “RZ10”.or can be done at file system level also

login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1

login/create_sso2_ticket = 2

 Download “verify.der” file from portal System and upload to R/3 system.

1.Download the Verify.der file from portal : Logon to the portal.

Then goto System Administration  System Configuration  KeyStore

Administration.Then Click on the “Download Verify.der” button to download the

“verify.der” file.

Note:make sure that you had logged in to portal with Portal Administrator user belongs to “Administrators” Group. Or login to portal with “Administrator” User.

 2. Upload “verify.der” file to R3 System : logon to R3 with Target client.Then goto

Transaction Called “strustsso2”.

Import the certificate file:Certificate”import certificate” – button and specify the path to downloaded “verify.der” file.As a result the certificate data will be in SAPGUI.

• Add the certificate to the list: “Add to Certificate List” button.As a result in the System PSE gui area the certificate lists contains your certificate.

• Add Certificate to the AccessControlList(ACL):”Add to ACL” – button and enter the values for WPS WPS=E00 WPS Client = “000”.

• Save the Configuration.

• At the Portal Level you need to enter “WPS” , “Client” values. To do that

,logon to portal ,then goto System AdministrationSystem Configuration  UM Configuration  “Direct Editing” Tab.

Try to add the entry’s login.ticket_issuer=WP3 and

login.ticket_client=000 .Then save.

Note:Some of the NW04 based portals,these WPS,Client values can’t be saved after clicking “Save Button”.In that Senario ,you need to upload the

“” file through SDM tool of J2EE.

2.Create System Connection(R3 System Configuration) at Portal Level

1 Logon to portal

2. Goto System Administration  System Configuration  System Landscape .

On the Right hand side “Portal Content” folder is displayed. Open it and check if a subfolder “Systems” exists.if not,create it to collect all system objects in one folder.Alternatively ,the customer name a target folder where the system object to be created.

3. Select the “Systems” folder with mouse and click on right button.Select in the open window  “New From Portal Achive”  “System”.

4. On the Right hand side, new system wizards opens.

• Choose Portal Next

• Choose Portal Component:SAP_R3_Dedicated  Next

Give the Names: System Name = <R3_SID> ,System-ID = <R3-SID>,

System ID Prefix = “” &#61664;Next

Then click on “Finish” button.

5. Adapt the new system objects –edit properties.

• Display Object ID:<R3-SID>

• Property Category:Connector

• Application host:<R3 Server Name>

• Client : Client Number

• R3 Name : <R3-SID>

• Server Port: 3200+System Number

• System Number:<00-99>

• Save

6. Adapt the new system object-edit system alias(list box left upper most)

Create a new alias:<R3-SID>

• Save and password.

Prosnolised user mapping give r/3 alias and user

To Check whether connection is established from R3 to EP

1.Logon to portal.

2. goto System Administration &#61664;Support &#61664; SAP Application.

3.Click on “SAP Transaction”. Then give values as fallows:

• System: Select your System alias i.e <R3-SID>

• Transaction code :se59

• SAP GUI Type: SAPGUI_Windows

Then Click on “go” button.Then you should be able to go directly specified transaction of R3.


please suggest any modifications to be done in configuration steps while doing multiple EP configuration to single R3

Please help ASAP


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Hi Prasad,

As long as the portals all have a different SID, then you can connect as many portals as you want to an SAP system.