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src.api for iview that needs changing

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I have the need to have an iview changed and have sent the relevent par.bak file downloaded from System Administrator > Support > Support Desk > Portal Runtime > Browse Deployment etc etc to the guy doing the work. He has replied asking for the src.api folder. Sorry for my ignorance, but can someone please advise me how I can include this with the par.bak file or what else needs to be done ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi craig,

When you are developing using Netweaver developer studio, you can export the application you are developing to a par file. When doing this, you have the option to include or exclude the source code of the application.

If you choose include, then a src.api and src.core folder will be included in the par file, and another developer could make changes to it, because it has the source included.

If you choose exlude, then only the compiled java class files will be included. You can, of course, decompile these to get the source code and make new changes. However, you won't get the inline documentation that the original developer put in his code.

If you want to change the applications delivered by SAP, then probably the code is not included, so you would have to decompile it, or create a new application.


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