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SQVI restriction in SAP Production?

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Dear Experts,

Our system has Go-Live and I was told by my implementation functional consultant that NO users in PRD system should have access to SQVI transaction as SAP imposes penality for that.

I was never aware of this.

Still I checked in SUIM and no role has given this tranaction , still in SUIM some users shows that SQVI is assigned to them. I have verified and this transaction is NOT assigned to them.

So my 2 queries are :

  1. Is it really problamatic from SAP point of view to have SQVI in PRD? (any licensing voilation etc.)
  2. If Yes, then how to restrict every user in PRD so that SQVI is protected (directly or inderictly assigned)

Please let me know on this.

Appreciate your replies and points will be awarded.

\Regards ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Garry,

Lock this Tcode and restrict run of related programs in foreground or background.

Ask the security guys handle this for you.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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There is no general licensing restriction that I know of related to SQVI. I'd ask your functional consultant to show you where he/she got this information. I don't believe it.

That said, you might not want people to have access to SQVI as by default it does allow reporting on data in any table in the database. That might be OK for you or might not, depending on the sensitivity of your data. You'll certainly need to ask your data owners, and might need to look at restricting access.


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A follow-up question, is it possible to restrict the SQVI at a table level?

I want to give my business the ability to ability to run the tcode (SQVI), but restrict to the business process area or at the table level. I don't want it to be wide open so that everyone can see any table.