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SQL1553N DB2 cannot be stopped because one or more databases are in WRITE

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our database is already in write suspend mode and backup is not happening.

so i am trying to bring database out of write suspende mode by issuing following command:

db2 set write resume for database

but the above command hangs so i tried to connect to database by -->

db2 connect to <dbid> but this also hangs.

i checked db2diag.log but no error message except -->

MESSAGE : Cannot obtain the requested snapshot as this database is in write

suspend mode. Skipping database FSR


so not able to stop/connect/set write resume command.

kindly, suggest.


Akshay K.

+044 07908975074

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i did the following step to resolve my problem:

"1) huxc0007:db2fsr 5> db2 RESTART DATABASE FSR WRITE RESUME

DB20000I The RESTART DATABASE command completed successfully.

huxc0007:db2fsr 6>"

"2) huxc0007:db2fsr 12> db2start

07/09/2007 12:13:56 0 0 SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.

SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.


3) connect to the relavant system at SAP level (in the above step SAP is started and you stop and start the db2 without stopping SAP because SAP will not stop as it was hanging at database check level when you fire command stopsap r3)

Akshay K.

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