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SQL update via CR 2011 ... ?

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Hi all

Silly question I hope, but does anyone know if it is in any way possible to do anything other than an SQL SELECT using Crystal Reports 2010 (V14) (i.e. an UPDATE or DELETE etc.). Not that I actually want to do it, but I'd rather people using Crystal on our server NOT being able to do it.

Just wanted someone else to confirm this for me.

Many thanks


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Hi Julian,

Yes, I have a report off a SQL Server 2005 database that can insert and delete records from the database, although only via OLEDB and by means of a Stored Procedure.

You can, however, be rest assured that a simple insert / delete routine cannot be written 'in Crystal' (As far as I know).


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hi Julian

a report developer can write a command object that includes an update or an insert statement that will work via the odbc or a datadirect layer...depending on the database and version of the database.

sql server does allow these types of commands to be written and be passed through the odbc least it did last time i checked which was several months ago. oracle does not allow this to be passed through the odbc layer...neither does my sql. previous versions of ms access used to allow this but current ones do not. the database and driver determine what can be written in a command object...i.e. you can't successfully execute a command object with an update or an insert statement if the database and driver do not allow it.

however, a command object written in crystal does not override any rights at the database a user that does not have these types of rights which allow inserts or updates cannot use a command to attempt to bypass those rights.