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SQL Trace while loading data

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Hi BW's

How can we do SQL Trace during loading, and what are the testing's being involved in this other than this, what is the purpose of doing SQL Trace i don't know exactly, pls let me know.

awaiting for your replay.


Balaji K. Reddy

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SQL trace gives you a detailed information of database activity, as commented before, tables read, indexes used, records fetched...

But be careful, sql trace save all database activity (for system and for all users) into a file with grow up fast , if you leave the trace activate some time, you can down the system.

I recomend to use it for know about little task, for example enter in transaction fill in one field and save to know in which table it is that field.

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I did not see this post .. have answered the previous post..

SQL trace gives details of he tables accessed during the time the trace is activated. this way we can find out the tables being accessed and if any tables are being accessed repeatedly..

In case of your post for data loads.. traces elp find out which tables are being updated and some of it can be made faster leading to gains in performances..

f there are lot of accesses to the indexes , drop the index during loading , but also watch out some indexes may be beneficial for loading..

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Hi Arun.,

What are those indexes, which are beneficial for loading, and how to find out those indexes.

awaiting for your replay.,


Balaji Reddy

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SQL trace is useful in finding the how much time is taking for selecting the data form DB tables. While loading also u can trace this.

Inorder to do this before starting the load tjust switch on the Trace by going to ST01 with the user with which load is happening .After load is successful switch off the trace and do analysis.

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