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SQL Server 2019 Support- Reporting Data Source- XI 4.2 SP8

We would like to know if SQL Server 2019 can be used as a Reporting Data Source in Universes, Crystal Reports and Webi Reports. The PAM guide Page 24 on Data Access does say anything on SQL Server 2019 Support we only see support for SQL 2017 for the Data Source. Please confirm the support for SQL Server 2019 using BOE XI 4.2 SP8. We would also like to know the release data for XI 4.3.

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I have fixed your tag to the one that deals with data connectivity and universes.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Julliet.

Refer the blog it may help you and answered your question.



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Support for MS SQL 2019 as data source is planned to be added in 4.2 Sp9 (subject to change etc)
You can use generic odbc/jdbc connectivity for now to connect to it.

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So if we use IDT what is the driver type we should be using for Universe Connection Creation (JDBC 8.2) and what was the configuration that you used in the sqlsrv.sbo file to indicate that’s its SQL 2019. Example

<DataBase Active=”Yes” Name=”MS SQL Server 2017″>
<!– Uncomment and edit the following lines
to define java classes required by JDBC driver
&lt;Path&gt;your jar or class files directory&lt;/Path&gt;
<Parameter Name=”JDBC Class”></Parameter>
<Parameter Name=”URL Format”>jdbc:sqlserver://$DATASOURCE$;DatabaseName=$DATABASE$</Parameter>
<Parameter Name=”Extensions”>sqlsrv2017,sqlsrv,jdbc</Parameter>
<Parameter Name=”Force Execute”>Always</Parameter>
<Parameter Name=”Driver Capabilities”>Query,Procedures,Cancel</Parameter>