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SQL Database Problems Wrong Tables

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I am using CR Professional, Product Type: Full; version

Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional 9.00.0281, database: SQL Server, ODBC Driver, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Iu2019m on Windows 2000 SP4 workstation. I have already connected to the Dynamics database through ODBC on my computer.

I created two reports on my computer. Now that they are finished I need to let end-users run and query the reports.

I attempted to attached them to the server's database by selecting a blank report, create new connection, select ODBC (RDO), Data Source Selection opens, I select the database, Connection Information window prompts for password and database, I select the database that I've been using, click finish. In Database Expert I select the database, expand dbo (Views, Information_schema, sys are listed), expand tables, and I see my tables all on my computer.

One one computer I did not have to go through all this for the report to work.

Taking the steps I mentioned above I only get dbo and the tables do not contain the tables I need for my report. There's no view listed under "tables". Going through Admin Tools I verify he is connected to Dynamics through ODBC. I've attempted many, many times to connect this other computer but it simply won't do it.

What could be causing this problem?

Cynthia Wyman

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As what im understand your problem is you cant view the Views list from a the one client computer but other client PC's can connect?

Anyways please try to check your data source and please check the File -> Options, Make sure from the Data Explorer, the Tables, Views and Stored Procedure must be check.



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