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Hi all,

i'm trying to use the SQL Command Editor in Transaction st04 / Performance / Additional Functions.

But a simple "select sysdate from dual" will cause the following message:

"Exception CX_DBA_ROOT in class CL_ORA_SQL_EXECUTOR method line 0"

The same statement will run report RSDU_EXEC_SQL calling from transaction se38.

In one half of my customers systems it will work, on the other half it shows this error.

What is the reason for this behaviour ? Some kind of authorization ?

Kind regards


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Hello Kay

Even your DB is not MSSQL , check SAP note

767821 - Microsoft SQL Server access for SAP

it tells you which SAP authorizations you must have (values STOR and SMSS must also be applied to the S_ADMI_FCD authorization object) and which DBCON authorizations you must have

if that does not solve your issue completely you might want to check this note also

1261329 - DBA Cockpit: Oracle as a remote database